MooseX::Declare, TextMate, and TmCodeBrowser

Do you use TextMate?
Do you use TmCodeBrowser?
Do you use MooseX::Declare?

Must be a pain that nothing shows up the side pane when you start using it. It was for me.

Open '~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/PlugIns/TmCodeBrowser.tmplugin/Contents/Resources/.ctags.tmcodebrowser' in a text editor. Add the following:

--regex-perl=/^[ \t]*(class)[ \t]+([^\ \t;]+)\s*[ \t]*[{;]/\2/c,class,classes/
--regex-perl=/^[ \t]*has[ \t]+'([^\ \t;\(]+)'/\1/p,property,properties/
--regex-perl=/^[ \t]*method[ \t]+([^\ \t;\(]+)/\1/m,method,methods/

Reload TextMate.

Bask in the awesome. Nick, 2010-02-18 at 14:01:34
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